Friday, October 26, 2007

Site Optmization – Tips

Use your keywords in your page title. The page title should be 5-10 words long at most. It should contain the primary theme keyword/phrase for the site. Place the most important keyword phrase at the beginning of the page title.

Do not put your site title on every page of your site unless you are really trying to brand that name.

Shorter site titles are usually better than really long ones.

The keywords META tag should contain the overall theme keyword/phrase for the site.

Overlapping keyword phrases in the page title can help you pick up multiple search phrases.

Create a unique page title, meta description, and content for each page. Make each page title and meta description unique.

Meta tags are not extremely important but they can help some. The meta description should be a few sentences to a paragraph describing the page contents.

Each keyword phrase in the keywords tag should be comma separated.

Use a single keyword rich H1 header on your page

Use keyword rich subheaders (H2 or H3) before every paragraphs.

Use bulleted lists and bolding to make content easier to read.

Target your most competitive keyword phrase with the home page.

Link to your home page from every page of your site.

Include your site name and / or home page’s primary keyword phrase in the text links pointing at it.

Link to the major theme pages from your home page.

Use text based navigation. If you use graphic navigation:

o Use descriptive alt text for your image links.

o Link to your primary pages from every page of your site using footer text links.

Use keyword rich navigation to help search engines understand the structure of your site.

Use a site map to help search engines spider through your site.

Whenever possible use descriptive text when linking between pages of your site.


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